My first blog post

I really can’t think of a better heading then the one wordpress suggests to me. “First blog post” is just what I am feeling when I am typing these lines. I was thinking about starting a blog since, oh god, I think since I read one for the first time, I guess 🙂 I just liked the idea of sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, words whatsoever with everybody who likes to read about it. Finally I came to a point in life (that sounds ehm so mature which it definitely isn’t) where I would finally start it – and there it is, la little life.

Yet, I am not quite sure where to begin and where to end as there is so much beauty and so many amazing topics in the world that it’s worth “blogging” (wow, I said it :]) about. So, this is going to be a little mirror of my little world, la little world, filled with all the small and bigger things that jump around – in my head and in my heart, in the streets, and in my kitchen (can’t wait to post all these foodie pictures I am taking all of the times anyway).

Since English is not my first language (have a look at the about section :]), and I predominantly use(d) it to write essays for Uni, watch movies or communicate with friends, I am excited to see how it turns out writing English on this blog. So please do excuse my spelling mistakes and don’t be surprised about weird metaphors, my first language German is just full of them and I somehow like that a lot 🙂

Alright, that’s it, that was my first post. And I am looking forward to all the others to come 🙂

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