Before I get up

“Did you set the alarm?”, he asked. “Yes, she said”, wisely knowing what he would say next. “What time?” he met her expectations, “6:30 a.m.”, she answered and turned off the light with a smile.

There are days on which I cannot wait to get up in the morning. That happens mostly when I have planned my days thoroughly. It’s those times when I live according to a schedule. Wake up, work out, breakfast. Shower, Bus, Library, Studying. And the next day again. And again. And again.

But today is just not such a day. Those weeks of constant studying are over, there are no exams waiting to be written anymore. No pressure builds up to kick me out of my dearest comfort zone (my bed). My timetable is flexible, I do some research for my thesis before breakfast, laying in my bed. Afterwards, I read a few pages of that amazing book, I call my mom who is busy grocery shopping, I listen to the voice messages by best friend sent me the other night, another 15 pages, the day says hello while I am still in bed. And it’s great!Before I get up
I see the beauty in getting up early – and so do so many people these days. I can barely estimate the number of “How to become a 5 a.m. person” videos that youtube suggests to me. It’s nice – sometimes, no question. But getting started before even getting up can just be equally nice.

I think I need both, sometimes being the 6:30 a.m. girl who jumps out of bed, landing on her yoga mat to smash that leg day. And sometimes I like being the 12 p.m. girl who snuggles forever between the sheets and eventually decides to go for a long run along the canal. Just because the sun is shining.

2 thoughts on “Before I get up

  1. Really like your style of writing – keep it up!
    And I’m jealous of you being able to read that early in your bed. Maybe I just need some of these “How to become a 5 a.m. person”-videos.
    But for that I am supposed to stop being a 2 a.m. Person in the middle of the night…

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