This week’s review #1

Metro, Paris
Metro, Paris

Hello you guys!! I must admit, it’s been a while since I last posted – BUT, ok, no, well, I don’t really have an excuse. Now that I typed these first few words I can feel again how much fun it is but somehow there were other things in the last few weeks which were equally good fun and so I decided to rather dive right deep into them and didn’t post. BUT (oh yeah, now comes the real but :]) I want to take this opportunity to introduce a new category called *tatatataaammm* last week’s review. As the heading might have implied 😀 anyway (oh yeah and I learned yesterday that it is actually almost incorrect or well at least not a sign of good grammar to say ‘anyways’), I want to start right away by reviewing my last week which might also give you a few hints regarding the few things that kept me away from the blogging keyboard the last few weeks. Sooo, here we go:

What I thought: I thought about all the things that have happened during the last year. On Wednesday, it was exactly one year ago that I moved to the UK. But I did not only move to the UK – I came here to live with the person I love. And I hadn’t lived with him before, so it was an adventure for both of us. I came here for my masters. And I could barely anticipate what the course would be like or what the people would be like, BUT (again :D) I am just so so happy about the crowd of people I met. I am grateful that I could go to PARIS ❤ with two of them, how well we get along. When I came back from my travelling time in France and Germany, I thought how beautiful the city is I am living in at the moment and how nice it is to call Bath my home.

What I felt: Uh, it’s getting tricky with these categories 😀 I just realised, I already might have mentioned some of my feelings in the “thought” section. Anyway(!), I will just go along with it. A feeling dominating my emotional landscape during the last week was mmmh, balance? Is balance a feeling? In German I would say “Ausbalanciertheit” which somehow indicates that it is not only a status but an inner attitude or feeling whatsoever. Basically, when I came back here after 2.5 weeks of sleeping in different beds, eating different food, having a different schedule everyday, I was happy to get back to my little routines and happinesses here in Bath that I am used to. And that gave me that feeling of balance 🙂

What I watched: Downton Abbey! Lots of Downton Abbey!!

What I listened to: Three bands were actually dominating my Spotify playlist this week. Tove Lo (Supporting band of Coldplay in Paris), Coldplay (still thinking back to that fabulous concert!), and Ed Sheeran.

What I read: ‘The history of bees’ by Maja Lunde. I read it in German (but just looked up the English title) and it is highly recommendable. I am following a lovely book blogger whose taste I share and whose reviews I love, so when she reviewed ‘The history of bees’, I bought it and read it within a couple of days. Super well written, amazing message, but I recommend you to rather read Mia’s review (in German) if you want to know more about the book 🙂

What I learned: Apart from the thing with anyway and anyways :] I learned that I find the philosophical reasons for veganism way more appealing than I actually thought before. This video made me think about it.

What I ate: All the food I did not have while I was in Germany and France (the food I had there which I normally don’t get here was lots of bread [grey bread, black bread, whole wheat bread, ciabatta bread, olive bread] , bread rolls [schlawiner, weltmeister, normal, with pumpkin seeds, with poppy seeds, with sunflower seeds], croissants ❤ ❤ ❤ , cake [look at the photo, aren’t these just so beautiful?] pretzels and surprisingly high amounts of coffee). What I dearly missed though were my smoothie bowls, banana ice cream, overnight oats. And I tried a few new recipes, namely Chocolate Chunk Cookies (heaven!!) and sweet crêpes. All plant-based, all super yummy, me very happy.

What I worked out: Well, WHAT I worked out is actually a bad category 😀 you can only work out your body right?! But the categories wouldn’t look so cool if I didn’t call this one “WHAT I worked out” 😀 So, but actually I wanted to describe the way I worked out. I had a super nice mix this week of full body workouts on my yoga mat, running (up the hill!!) and something I hadn’t done in a looong while: Swimming! The university has an amazing 50 metre swimming pool, and I can proudly report that I swam 1.5 km!! It was nice to have kind lots of different items in my fitness schedule this week 🙂


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