This week’s review #2

Saturday mornings ❀

Crazy, this week has just passed so quickly! So let’s just jump right into this week’s review πŸ™‚

What I thought:Β I actually thought a lot about my thesis this week. I spent every day in Uni and kept on thinking, taking, notes, writing, reading papers. There are just so many interesting research papers many of which are not related to my topic but I always think that if I have lots of time on my hand, I will read them just for fun. However, I think that my license that the University gave me in the beginning of the year will expire soon πŸ˜€ And there won’t be so much time left until then to just be reading random papers about feminism, the historic development of body images etc. But it’s great to know that there are so many big thoughts about everything out there.

What I felt:Β I felt a lot like travelling! Escaping rainy August and going somewhere where sunshine adventures, different cultures and nature are waiting for me.

What I watched:Β Nasty Gal ❀ Can’t wait for the second season! Oh and I went to the cinema twice to watch Dunkirk (great movie!! Even for non-war-movie fans) and Atomic Blonde (catch your girls and go watch it :] fun movie)!

What I listened to:Β Finally finished the audiobook “Robert Enke – A life to short” which was available on Netflix. I must admit I am not to savvy about the world of football in general so I did not know how I would like listening to a biography which is set in that area — but I quite enjoyed it! I cried a little bit in the end, it’s a truly touching story of a truly inspiring man. Music wise, I listened a lot to Philipp Poisel (somehow I missed that he brought out a new album in March) ❀

What I read:Β I am working my way through history backwards at the moment. My problem with history has always been that I just cannot connect the dots. I might have heard something of world war I and then something about ancient Egypt and then something about colonisation. Then I read some 1900 books (Traumnovelle or Dream Story was always one of my favourites), something by Virginia Wolf but I would never get all the historic connections. SO I try to build these connections now by always being aware of when or where something is set, what the background is etc. At the moment (long story short) I am reading Jane Austen’s Emma to get an idea of English literature in the early 19th century.

What I ate:Β Lots of salad at Uni πŸ™‚ And overnight oats so I would be quicker in the mornings. And went out for Caribbean food which I am not a big fan of I guess. It was a biiit greasy. Would love to try the original though πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

What I bought: These totally instagrammable coconut bowls ❀ which you can see in the featured image of this post.

What I worked out:Β Decided to practice pull-ups! Until perfection!!!


5 thoughts on “This week’s review #2

      1. Well my week was great but achieving goal in healthy food a bit hard.. but for healthy life style I’ve done my second yoga practice 😁 and swim at least once a week can be accomplished..

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