This week’s review #3

Hello dear friends and readers and everybody out there. I don’t know how you feel but I am SO looking forward to autumn. Yes, that’s right. Mainly because it already feels like October, so can we please give this weather out there the name that it deserves?! I am so obsessed with pumpkin as well lately, so my meal plan would already me appropriate. That being said, let’s see what I was up to during this cold and stormy week. (Ok, there was some sunshine as well. But I just like to paint a autumny picture here).

What I thought: I thought about the future, I guess. These days I see so many of my friends starting new jobs, going abroad, coming back home, breaking up with their partners, getting engaged… I just love to see that. And I am quite excited what the future will look like for me…

What I watched: Started “The Tudors”. As I said in my last post my knowledge of history has some gaps and I never really got deeply involved with any content referring to a time before 1800 lalala. So watching the tudors has been quite interesting so far. However I really wonder how historically adequate certain mh scenes really are.

What I listened to: My best friend’s Spotify lists 🙂 I think she does not even know that. Hi Love ❤ I listened to your music the whole week!

What I read: Still in the middle of Jane Austen’s Emma. And lots of Consumer Research papers for my dissertation. I guess the latter has been the reason that I did not really read much at home since I had already read that much in Uni 🙂


What I ate: As I mentioned in the beginning — PUMKIN. Aka Butternut Squash. This lovely man who I live with and happens to be the most amazing Butternut Squash Pasta Chef in the world!!! Does barely look as a amazing as it tastes but I had to share a photo of this perfection. And I got a bit into pancakes (see featured photo). Well, Actually, I tried to make Crepes. But the dough turned out to be too thick. So I am improving that 🙂 🙂 Watch out, crepe chef in the making!

What I worked out: My legs can tell that I worked them out a lot. Autsch.


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