The grinning girl in the photo – that’s me. I am 23 years old, was born and raised in Germany near Hanover, and currently I am living in Bath, a beautiful city in England, UK. I am about to finalise my master here, yeah, and then well let’s see what comes 🙂

I love travelling and cooking (by which I mean more than boiling carrots in broth, this is what I still did a year ago ;]). I also love exercising, some (!) animals, outdoors (hiking, running, only camping is just not for me) and interior design. And I love to take photos of the things I love. I love reading, I like seagulls and I hate being sick. And I like Kate Nash 🙂

My boyfriend sometimes calls me a princess, sometimes a woman, sometimes a girl. My friends sometimes call me Bex, sometimes Rebecca, sometimes Becca, sometimes Becky. My brother calls me a Turkey. The truth just lies somewhere in between I guess 🙂